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Goldpointe Criterium Photos

Team Potter member Stacy (a.k.a Penutty) shot some photographs of the 2010 Goldpointe Cycling Criterium in downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa with Team Potter member Denise (a.k.a PBC) back in June. For Stacy's images, head on over to her blogsite here. To see PBC's photos, visit her flickr photoset here. Enjoy!


Riding to Lanesboro

Saturday 7/3/10 on the trail to Lanesboro


TeamPotter Iowa and Illinois Division in Root River Mn.

Fun Weekend in Root River Mn. We had great sunny and warm weather. We had fun, and some great photo opportunities. More to come

Loosebits is on a Mission


Gingerclip: Good ride, Loosebits. Time to rehydrate and head home.

Loosebits: We got some good riding in this weekend. I bet I've passed Penutty by now.

IMAG0009 IMAG0008

Gingerclip: uh.... Last time I checked she was 85 miles ahead of you, and we only rode 10 this morning.

Loosebits: <sprinting back to his bike> You can take the car home, Gingerclip, but I'm gonna ride. Ride, ride, ride! Gotta catch Penutty. Look how fast I am. I bet I'm faster than Penutty.


So thanks to Penutty, Loosebits rode his first 20+ ride today: 21.1 miles. Way to go, Loosebits!!