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White Rock Trail

Team Potter Dallas explored the White Rock Trail early Sunday morning. We set a new distance record for LooseBits of 15 miles! (LooseBits wants it known that he has not fallen over yet with his new clips. Is it wrong that I hope I am there with my camera when he finally does?)


PBC said...

Great photos! Way to go Loosbits, when did you get your clipless pedals?

Rand said...

Early this week perhaps? Or maybe it was last week. Hmmm.. anyway, that was my first trail ride since getting them. I've been trying to get used to them in neighborhood riding with lots of stop signs. My theory is (and we'll see if it pans out) that if I do quite a bit of stop-n-go riding, unclipping will become instinctive before I do the longer trail rides where I go for 10 miles w/o stopping, forget I have them on and fall over at the first intersection.

Of course, Gingerclip simply can't wait for me to go over and now I have even more of a reason to be the first cyclist ever not to fall in his clips :)

Tina said...

You WILL fall!!! Even if I have to push you over. LOL.

PBC said...

You two are cracking me up, and I am sorry , but yes Loosebits, you will fall, and you will forget to unclip, because we have all done it. Even I have forgotten and even the Capt:)

Don't tell him I told you:)

Rand said...

But I don't wanna fall. Last time I fell, it hurt.

PBC said...

yes it does hurt, but be aware, all cyclists that clip in forget at some point to unclip.

I will give you a good hint, in case T did not tell you, that if you unclip one foot when you are anticipating that you could stop it is much easier, because you could put that foot down, and stay up. Just sayin