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Fire and Ice Parade 2010

Capt Bob and PBC joined some other HBA members in the annual Holiday Parade in downtown Cedar Rapids on Dec 4, 2010.
If we look cold, it is because we were!
It was fun to be a part of the parade, and lots of little kids, were enjoying all the Christmas lights on the bikes, and of course we had ourselves and the bikes decorated with lights. Hokey Spokes are AWESOME!!


New City Bike

Rand got a new bike this week. We both want to start running errands and going out to eat on our bikes. Check out his sweet new Fisher Simple City 8. Baskets and panniers, oh my!


November Ride

Capt Bob and PBC got out this last weekend to ride.

With warm weather in the 60's we were able to get 33 miles in on November 8, 2010

Team Potter is still riding! Hoping to get some more outdoor rides in before the snow falls.


Making New Friends in Harmony, Mn

Hobo Park in Harmony,Mn along the Root River Trail. Fun Little park, with many photo opportunities.


Goldpointe Criterium Photos

Team Potter member Stacy (a.k.a Penutty) shot some photographs of the 2010 Goldpointe Cycling Criterium in downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa with Team Potter member Denise (a.k.a PBC) back in June. For Stacy's images, head on over to her blogsite here. To see PBC's photos, visit her flickr photoset here. Enjoy!


Riding to Lanesboro

Saturday 7/3/10 on the trail to Lanesboro


TeamPotter Iowa and Illinois Division in Root River Mn.

Fun Weekend in Root River Mn. We had great sunny and warm weather. We had fun, and some great photo opportunities. More to come

Loosebits is on a Mission


Gingerclip: Good ride, Loosebits. Time to rehydrate and head home.

Loosebits: We got some good riding in this weekend. I bet I've passed Penutty by now.

IMAG0009 IMAG0008

Gingerclip: uh.... Last time I checked she was 85 miles ahead of you, and we only rode 10 this morning.

Loosebits: <sprinting back to his bike> You can take the car home, Gingerclip, but I'm gonna ride. Ride, ride, ride! Gotta catch Penutty. Look how fast I am. I bet I'm faster than Penutty.


So thanks to Penutty, Loosebits rode his first 20+ ride today: 21.1 miles. Way to go, Loosebits!!


White Rock Trail

Team Potter Dallas explored the White Rock Trail early Sunday morning. We set a new distance record for LooseBits of 15 miles! (LooseBits wants it known that he has not fallen over yet with his new clips. Is it wrong that I hope I am there with my camera when he finally does?)


Clips for LooseBits

Team Potter Dallas took a short ride on the city streets today. Riding in the neighborhood with lots of stop signs is perfect for LooseBits who is getting used to his new clips!! I think he is officially a "real" cyclist now. Yay!!


Mothers Day "Beginners Ride"

We had a wonderful Mothers Day bike ride last Sunday on the Tandem. Art and Suki joined us. We did the Toddville loop and it was not without adventure. Art quickly named it the " Beginners Ride" This is Art not looking like a beginner.

Bike to Work Week

Next Week is bike to work week. Next Friday is bike to work day. I know many live to far away from their work to commute. If you live 5 miles or less from your workplace. Then get out there and ride.

see video from Today show


Early Spring Riding

Getting some early spring outdoor riding and miles. The wind must slow down. It has been windy for several days, and makes it less enjoyable.


Our Newest Member

Today, RandyRand and I went to Richardson Bike Mart and picked out a bike for him. He came home with a new Trek!! I am proud to present...Rand and his Trek!

Team News on BikeJournal

Hey Team Potter Groupies, you can now post team news on bikjournal home club page.

Check it out!