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Sunday Morning Heat Rash Ride

We finally have a heat wave in Iowa. Humid, hot and chance of storms.

The Capt and PBC decided to do an early morning ride today before the heat and humidity got too bad. We had a hard time deciding which bikes to ride, but after some discussion we took the CrossBikes, just because they were the easiest to get to. We were just going to do our Marion route, but soon decided that at least we needed to go as far as Alburnett and back.

Going out we had a nice tailwind, so you know what that means, going back we had pretty strong SSW winds. It was hot, but we got just over 26 miles in by 10AM. Then of course the storms started rolling in, one after the other. It did not cool off, just got more muggy.

All in all, still a nice morning ride.

August 9,2009

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