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Black Pearl Sunday Ride

The Capt and PBC took off on this cool July Sunday for a little ride on the the Black Pearl. It was a very nice day for a ride, somewhat cloudy, but cool . We rode downtown CR to try to meet up with another couple but they did not get the message, so we rode north to Oscars for breakfast and then on North to my favorite (Alice Road), we then headed west to Alburnett and then back home. Total of about 35 miles. Then home to watch the TourDeFrance.


Stacy said...

Looking good in your matching jerseys on the tandem! Those are pretty sweet jerseys. Sounds like you had fun. =)

PBC said...

It does seem like we tend to ride the tandem on Sunday's. It is always a fun day to ride "together" oh I forgot to mention that we were at one time goint 30mph on the flat!