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Peoria Ride

Capt Bob and PBC headed out to Peoria on Saturday to meet up with the Illinoid Division of Team Potter. We rode in the afternoon, which by the way was about 90 degrees.

We took our bikes to Washington, Il and saddled up at a bank and headed out quiet, and very smooth country blacktop roads. We had a few rolling hills too.

We eventually ended up in Morton, and by this time, the heat was pretty uncomfortable. After a little convience store stop, and some cold Gatorade we headed back.

It was a beautiful route, low traffic and nice roads.

Thanks Penutty and Maximus for that wonderful ride, We ended up with about 30 miles, and unfortunately both of us forgot a camera, so not photo's taken, I will just have to add a previous photo.

It is always great when Team Potter can ride!


Mike H said...

Question - if it WAS 90 degrees, then why are you wearing jackets and tights? I'm curious.

PBC said...

Mike, In the ride report I mentioned we forgot the camera's so hense a different picture of earlier this spring


Mike said...

Yup - saw that after I got done posting. Guess I need to read more closely next time! :-)