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Slow Sunday Ride with HBA

May 31 10am was the start of the Slow Sunday Ride lead by non other than PBC. I started doing these rides a couple of years ago, to encourage new or slower riders to get the opportunity to ride in a group. We had a very large group this morning Total of 18 riders. We rode approximately 20 miles on a relatively flat course. The top photo you might recognize the tandem. Yes it is true we had a mystery couple on the :"BLACK PEARL" Dave and Carolyn wanted to try the tandem so with some pedal switching seat rising and lowering they took off with me to join the group.
We had a fantastic warm, slightly breezy morning for a ride. Team Potter continues to ride, and even share their bikes.


Tina said...

I love that you organized a slow ride for newbies and slower riders (like me). Next time I am in Iowa I want to join the ride!

Stacy said...

Looks like you had a great turnout!
There definately needs to be more rides to get people started and enjoy a group ride.

Plus, I love all posts featuring the Black Pearl. =)