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Slow Sunday Ride with HBA

May 31 10am was the start of the Slow Sunday Ride lead by non other than PBC. I started doing these rides a couple of years ago, to encourage new or slower riders to get the opportunity to ride in a group. We had a very large group this morning Total of 18 riders. We rode approximately 20 miles on a relatively flat course. The top photo you might recognize the tandem. Yes it is true we had a mystery couple on the :"BLACK PEARL" Dave and Carolyn wanted to try the tandem so with some pedal switching seat rising and lowering they took off with me to join the group.
We had a fantastic warm, slightly breezy morning for a ride. Team Potter continues to ride, and even share their bikes.


Capt's Sunday Afternoon Ride

Capt Bob far left(Bert and Ernie Jersey) Lead a Sunday afternoon ride with HBA. We had a wonderful sunny Sunday afternoon.

Ride destination was Marion square park to Wittier, Waubeek, Central City, Anamosa and back to Marion. Nice rolling hills, a tail wind on the way back. Total 43 miles.


Windy Ride

My first attempt at uploading a video for the team. Enjoy all you Team Potter wannabes' !

Team Potter on a windy day

Peoria branch of Team Potter was in town last weekend, and we went for a windy ride north of Marion. It was a little chilly and breezy but we had a nice ride and then went to Mr. Beans for lunch. Life doesnt get any better than that. Thanks Stacy and Greg!


Share the Road

While I was thinking about the Ride of Silence, I came across these "Share the Road" videos. They are a great reminder to both drivers and cyclists that we both need to share the road. Cyclists need to be given space (3 feet of room in Illinois) and as cyclists we also need to be courteous to drivers and allow them room to safely pass if possible. Patience is key for drivers and awareness is crucial for cyclists.

Here are just a few videos that I like:
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Ride of Silence: Reminder

Just a little reminder this Monday morning about the upcoming Ride of Silence on May 20, 2009. The Ride of Silence will take place globally with riders both honoring cyclists who have been injured and killed on the road as well as promoting safety and awareness.

In Peoria, the ride will start at 7:00p pm at Glen Oak Park, check out the article in the Journal Star.
for more information.