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Tour of Turkey Crash - The Other Side

To be fair on this blog, we should share both sides of the story. Yesterday, I posted a link about the horrific crash in the tour of Turkey between Daryl Impey and Theo Bos. Fellow Team Potter cyclist, Tina (a.k.a Gingerclip) and I were discussing the crash this morning and watching the video over and over again trying to figure out just what happened. On initial viewing, it looks like a blatant take down to me, but after reading Theo Bos' statements regarding the event. You can read what Theo had to say here. He is clearly upset about the incident and the accusations placed against him.

I am also sharing the slow motion video of the crash, which I think I have watched about 25 times now. After watching the slow mo and reading Bos' statement, I do believe what he is claiming to have happened is possible. I will let you all decide for yourselves.

Cycling star, Lance Armstrong, weighed in on the video and had this to say yesterday on his twitter page:
"Bos doesn't even get disqualified. pitiful. he deserves a long suspension." and later "rewatched Bos crash 10x. Fences were uneven, sprint looked nervous/sketchy, but imo the hands should never come off the bars in a sprint."

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PBC said...

Kick his BUTT out!!!! forever! Very poor sportsmanship.