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TEAM POTTER Rides Again!

Spring is finally here, and Team Potter (Peoria Division) came to Cedar Rapids last weekend, and joined HBA(Hawkeye Bike Association) for a Saturday ride.

It was a sunny chilly spring morning, when Capt Bob, PBC, Penutty and Maximus headed up East Post Rd to downtown CR to meet the group at Green Square Park. We arrived just in time, to join approximately 30 riders . We rode out Ellis Park to Stoney point rd and to Cherry Hill park. We had the group photo, then many went other ways. We stopped at the Blue Strawberry downtown for a little breakfast sandwich, and a little social time. We then rode on home. Great 33.70 mile ride for Team Potter!


Stacy said...

This was truly a "Tour de Cedar Rapids"! I'm out of shape this spring! Whew! We had fun though!

Tina said...

Go Team Potter!!!