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The Perfect Circle

Just a little Friday video fun for you. It's nice - go ride your bike. =)

The Perfect Circle from Matthew on Vimeo.

Matthew Modine rides the streets of New York on a bicycle to tell everyone about "Bicycle For A Day."

"Bicycle For A Day" is a fun, open and proactive invitation designed to inspire individuals, communities, governments and corporations to take a step towards solving the current environmental issues. BFAD is a global initiative bringing together people who choose to ride a bicycle rather than use gas-powered motor vehicles.

BFAD will debut with small, VIP events during Summer / Fall 2008 that lead up to a gathering at The South Street Seaport in NYC, to mark the "official" BFAD day, September 20th.

This is not a bicycle race! BFAD is a day to demonstrate how doing ONE thing can help improve the environment.

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Tina said...

Awesome vid! Made me want to ride my bike to work.