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Tour of Turkey Crash - The Other Side

To be fair on this blog, we should share both sides of the story. Yesterday, I posted a link about the horrific crash in the tour of Turkey between Daryl Impey and Theo Bos. Fellow Team Potter cyclist, Tina (a.k.a Gingerclip) and I were discussing the crash this morning and watching the video over and over again trying to figure out just what happened. On initial viewing, it looks like a blatant take down to me, but after reading Theo Bos' statements regarding the event. You can read what Theo had to say here. He is clearly upset about the incident and the accusations placed against him.

I am also sharing the slow motion video of the crash, which I think I have watched about 25 times now. After watching the slow mo and reading Bos' statement, I do believe what he is claiming to have happened is possible. I will let you all decide for yourselves.

Cycling star, Lance Armstrong, weighed in on the video and had this to say yesterday on his twitter page:
"Bos doesn't even get disqualified. pitiful. he deserves a long suspension." and later "rewatched Bos crash 10x. Fences were uneven, sprint looked nervous/sketchy, but imo the hands should never come off the bars in a sprint."


Tour of Turkey Crash

There isn't much I can say that Ken Conley didn't already say on his blog, Spare Cycles. Barloworld rider, Daryl Impey was seriously injured during the tour of Turkey when he had "contact" (ah-hem) with Rabbobank rider, Theo Bos.
Here is a video clip from the Tour of Turkey. If you don't want to watch it all, please fast forward to 3:25 to watch the drama.

Daryl Impey won the Tour of Turkey despite what appears to be a deliberate takedown. He comments on the incident on his website. According to Bike World News,"He suffered a broken hip, a neck injury and facial trauma, lost several teeth and had a deep cut in his lip as well. Impey was awarded the victory but obviously could not attend the awards celebration".


The Perfect Circle

Just a little Friday video fun for you. It's nice - go ride your bike. =)

The Perfect Circle from Matthew on Vimeo.

Matthew Modine rides the streets of New York on a bicycle to tell everyone about "Bicycle For A Day."

"Bicycle For A Day" is a fun, open and proactive invitation designed to inspire individuals, communities, governments and corporations to take a step towards solving the current environmental issues. BFAD is a global initiative bringing together people who choose to ride a bicycle rather than use gas-powered motor vehicles.

BFAD will debut with small, VIP events during Summer / Fall 2008 that lead up to a gathering at The South Street Seaport in NYC, to mark the "official" BFAD day, September 20th.

This is not a bicycle race! BFAD is a day to demonstrate how doing ONE thing can help improve the environment.


2009 Ride of Silence

•Ride of Silence is a nation-wide event to honor those who have been
injured or killed while riding their bicycles. For more information, please

•This event is free. All participants must be over 18. For safety reasons,
all riders must wear a bicycle helmet. Any cyclists without a helmet will
be asked to not participate in the ride.

•The Illinois Valley Wheelm’n are endorsing the 2009 edition of Peoria’s
Ride of Silence. For further information regarding this local event, please
contact Bill Clark @ 347-4841, or Mike Honnold @ 696-2591


TEAM POTTER Rides Again!

Spring is finally here, and Team Potter (Peoria Division) came to Cedar Rapids last weekend, and joined HBA(Hawkeye Bike Association) for a Saturday ride.

It was a sunny chilly spring morning, when Capt Bob, PBC, Penutty and Maximus headed up East Post Rd to downtown CR to meet the group at Green Square Park. We arrived just in time, to join approximately 30 riders . We rode out Ellis Park to Stoney point rd and to Cherry Hill park. We had the group photo, then many went other ways. We stopped at the Blue Strawberry downtown for a little breakfast sandwich, and a little social time. We then rode on home. Great 33.70 mile ride for Team Potter!