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New + B-Cycle

Sometimes all you need is some new shoes. I am pretty excited that my new Specialized MotoDiva shoes showed up at my doorstep yesterday. As Paolo Nutini said, "Hey, I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right". I think these new puppies will help me kick off this cycling season right. I've been working on and trying to drop some weight. I thought a little bit stiffer soled shoes would help increase my power and stop the awful hot spots I was getting with my old shoes. You'll notice they are mountain bike shoes. I ride on the road, but use mountain clipless pedals. This girl likes to be able walk when off the bike.
Okay, that is my new. I also found a cool new idea, called B-Cycle. I think this concept would work great in a bigger urban setting. This isn't something that would work for me in terms of commuting from home. I honestly live too far from work with way too dangerous of roads (umm..highways actually) in between. If I was a city commuter or lived in a highly populated urban area, then this might be awesome. Check out the video below.


Tina said...

Great shoes Stace. Those look like the new model of my shos, which I love! Hope you like yours just as much.

Anonymous said...

That is very cool, I think they do something like that in Paris. If only we could get more communities to do that.