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Epic Cycling Adventure + Photography

That post should have caught your attention. Cycling and photography - two things I enjoy very much and really love people who put them together. What about people who put them together for all the right reasons? There is a photography contest going on called the "Name Your Dream Assignment". The winner will receive $50,000 funding to support their efforts to document their dream assignment.

I am a big fan of reading the blog, The Epicurean Cyclist, of photographer and cyclist, Russ Roca. He has entered the contest to pursue his dream of being the first zero-emission, multi-national photo assignment as he pedals his way through North and South America documenting people who are living eco-friendly lifestyle and are leading activists toward a more sustainable planet. Russ is a real cyclist advocate as well and I really hope the cycling community will put their support behind him and this effort.

Please read more about his dream and photo assignment and vote for Russ here. The contest ends on April 3rd, so please vote soon.

Below are a couple of photos (that I have shamelessly taken from his blog and I hope he won't mind) of one of Russ' bikes that he uses to carry all of his gear and of him out riding. He does this sort of traveling all of the time and I would love to see what captures on his journey. Here is also a link to his photography work. He also has many other cycling blogs, so check them out too!


Tina said...

I wonder how hard it was to get used to the extended wheel base of his bike. It looks awkward. Don't get me wrong; it looks totally cool, just that it also looks like it would take some time to adapt to it.

RussRoca said...

Thanks Stacy!

PBC said...

this is very cool, great job updating the teampotterblog. All the videos are also very interesting.

Loubna said...

It is remarkable blog. I wanted to learn such type of the things that I have got from here at one platform. Thanks.