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Busted Bikes & Crashes

I just found a very sad, yet very interesting and sometimes humorous blog today called "Busted Carbon". Its pretty much nothing but pictures of broken bicycles. Gasp!! I know! Cranks and Handlebars seem to be a common one.
Captain Bob will especially sad to see that today's bike isn't carbon, but is sadly a busted titanium Litespeed. He will cry, I know he will.

Check it out here:

I've also added it to our list of cycling blogs on the right. =)
Speaking of broken bikes (which either means you did something stupid or you crashed) here is the video of Lance Armstrong's crash earlier this week. I heard he is still going to try and ride??

Lance Armstrong Post-Crash at Castilla y León from CycleTo on Vimeo.


Tina said...

That just breaks my heart to see that he crasjed, but man I wish I had gotten to see the actual crash. And I'm impressed that he got up and out of the way. That's a pro!

Checking out Busted Carbon....

PBC said...

The biggest question is, can he come back after this?????