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NEWS: Ragbrai XXXVVII Route Announced!

Alright cyclists, it is official. The Des Moines register has announced the 2009 Ragbrai route

This year the grand caravan of cyclists will pedal through the following overnight towns: Council Bluffs, Red Oak, Greenfield, Indianola, Charlton, Ottumwa, Mt. Pleasant, and Burlington, Iowa.

This is the 6th shortest route of 442.3 miles! Woah- but hold up, short doesn't equal easy. This year's route also has 22,806 feet of climb, the 10th most climb ever. Whew! The ride this year is from July 19-25th.

You can register for the ride here.
It isn't quite ready yet, but keep checking for elevations and route info at Geobike.

Will Team Potter be on the road this year? It's looking likely. We will keep you posted. In the mean time, sign up and get on the trainer and whip up some miles to add to Bike Journal.

Images courtesy of the Des Moines Register and


Anonymous said...

Yep, southern route means alot of climbing. Maybe soon some outside miles can occur.

just sayin

PBC said...

OH yeah speaking of bike journal, team potter needs some more miles posted. seems like only one member has posted. :)

buzzy3 said...

I haven't been on a "southern" route, so I hope to try one or two days early in the week.