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December 2008 FMR

This year our annuual Christmas lights ride was combined with the Full Moon Ride. It was a fairly warm Saturday evening, and we had a great group of about 15 riders. We rode around Bowman Woods in CR to check out the lights. We then stopped at Java Creek Cafe, and had some warm soup and drinks. Great group and fun ride.

Team Potter will get more active now that our room addition is done. I have a wonderful new Kitchen and Great room. It is beautiful and a joy to be in.

Happy New Year to All


buzzy3 said...

looking forward to new adventures of Team Potter especially on your cyclo-cross bikes. I am thinking hard about one for myself.

Anonymous said...

Buzzy, I think you should get a crossbike, they are really nice for all kinds of riding, yet they have more road geometry, yet mountain bike gearing.


Stacy said...

It looks cold, but way to go! You guys look awesome in all your reflective gear! Keep it up in 2009!

buzzy3 said...

thanks for the cyclocross encouragement Denise. can I get special cyclocross outfits also?

PBC said...

sure Buzzy if you need special cyclocross clothes go for it, who needs an excuse to by more cycling stuff.