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Black Pearl out for a Sunday Spin

The Capt and PBC back on the Black Pearl!
It was Sunday morning and we had not ridden the tandem since July 4th. It was decided to dust her off and go for a ride.
We headed north to Alburnett, we cruised right up there with a tailwind, and tunes of course with the "Itunes".
We stopped at our favorite little convience store for some quick refreshments, then headed back toward home.
This time we had a slight headwind, but still a beautiful morning for a ride.
We returned home with about 23 miles, and a really nice way to spend the morning.
It was a nice time, and good to be back on the BLACK PEARL.
Till next time!


Stacy said...

You two look so cute!!!
Go Black Pearl!!! Argghh!!

MRH said...

I must ask - why has the sandal been crowned "Team Shoe" of Potter Cycling? Seems kinda dangerous to be wearing open-toes sandals on a bike.

buzzy3 said...

how do you pick your riding destinations? is it short straw, darts at a map, or majority vote?

PBC said...

MRH-- These are cycling sandals, and we have riden 3 Ragbrais, and countless miles with no injuries to toes or feet.

buzzy3. The Capt of the tandem gets to decide where we ride. The stokers only job is to pedal, and keep the tunes going.:)