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Black Pearl out for a Sunday Spin

The Capt and PBC back on the Black Pearl!
It was Sunday morning and we had not ridden the tandem since July 4th. It was decided to dust her off and go for a ride.
We headed north to Alburnett, we cruised right up there with a tailwind, and tunes of course with the "Itunes".
We stopped at our favorite little convience store for some quick refreshments, then headed back toward home.
This time we had a slight headwind, but still a beautiful morning for a ride.
We returned home with about 23 miles, and a really nice way to spend the morning.
It was a nice time, and good to be back on the BLACK PEARL.
Till next time!


Team Potter comes home to ride.

Team Potter the Illinois Division came back to Iowa this weekend. Maximus brought his new wheels, and we rode from Potterville to Alburnett. It was a beautiful cool summer evening. We had a great time with relatively flat riding.

When we returned home we cooked dinner on the grill, had a little wine, and dinner on the deck. It was a perfect evening, no humidity, cool and great company.

Thank you to Penutty and Maximus for making a wonderful weekend.



Team Potter: Illinois Division Rides!

Well here we are, Team Potter: Illinois Division! We've been hitting pavement hard since Maximus' new road bike. We racked up 80 miles of flat Illinois terrain in two weeks. We're ramping up for some fitness while the summer is still hot and late evenings still have light. Thursday night we hit the tarmac for a speedy ride from Morton to Groveland and back. It was a calm evening and the traffic was minimal. One of us was moving much quicker than the other, but we managed to keep up the pace and make it back to the car just as the glorious sunset had its final hurrah. It feels good to hear those whirrs and clicks that only a bicycle can sing.



Tour DAY France 2008

Well cycling fans, the 2008 Tour is already under way. As I am writing this, we have already completed three stages and with today's breakaway surviving, we have a new young American rider sitting in the third place spot. Click here to read more about Will Frischkorn of Team Garmin-Chipotle's amazing early breakaway that rocked the peloton and shook up what otherwise should have been a boring flat stage resulting in glory for the sprinters. To learn more about Team Garmin-Chipotle click here. Team Potter is geared up for this year's tour with plenty of cold beverage ready and our DVR's and Tivo's set to record. We won't be missing any of the action and neither should you. The GC is up for grabs...will your favorite win?

You can still sign up for your own fantasy cycling team before Stage 5 starts and you can always play along with Saab's "Fly to the Finish" Sweepstakes for awesome prizes.


The Black Pearl!

The Capt and PBC out for a Sunday Spin on the Black Pearl Tandem. Notice the Cemetery in the background? Those that know the Capt will think that a fitting background!


Gladiator's wear sandals

Nice cycle Maximus.....Nice sandals....very socks... :)

Beware of sumburn toes....... :)

Capt Bob

Maximus' New Giant

Whoo-hoo! Team Potter loves it when a new cyclist and bike join the Team Potter family. While Maximus was already an honorary member of Team Potter, he is now official with a shiny new set of wheels. Did I mention an all-carbon set of wheels?
The maiden voyage was a 13 mile trip on the Fondulac trail to Morton and back.
Kudos to Maximus!

Upcoming Rides

Just a reminder that July 4th is the annual "Ely Fireman's Breakfast" ride. July 5 &
6 will be the "Holy Toledo" ride, also know as the 'Relatively Flat' ride....through the rolling Iowa countryside.

More on these rides later. Maybe even a photo or two.

Capt Bob

Proctor Cycling Classic

Sunday was a great day to get out the camera and take some pictures of this year's Proctor Cycling Classic in downtown Peoria, IL. These are some shots from the men's Pro 1/2 event.

New Team Potter!!

Welcome to the new Team Potter Cycling page. We've decided to go all Blog for 2008 and beyond. We think this will give us all the best access to posting pictures, ride reports, and updates on what the team is up to. We hope all you loved about Team Potter before, you will still be able to find here.