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Bring back the drought?

45 days of rain. Sheesh. At first it was great b/c we've had a drought here in Texas for about 2 years now, but it's ruining my training. And my bike. And a new pair of shorts, come to think of it, due to a slick-road-induced crash. I finally got a day of sun yesterday, so I went out of a ride, but when I stepped out today for what I hoped would finally be two days of riding was raining. Now, really it was just sprinkling, but I finally have my bike running smoothly again and I don't want to risk the rain getting worse and messing up my bike right before I have to ship it up to Iowa for RAGBRAI. So, please, please, rain rain go away. Come again another day.


Childhood rhymes must actually work, b/c I got to ride 28 miles right before dark.

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