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The Italy Ride as reported by Sandra

(GingerClip, Penutty, and Sandra)

I am so glad GingerClip and Penutty decided to perservere this weekend.

The drive down to Italy (Texas) almost derailed my intent-to-ride. 6:05 am: The rain poured so hard I barely saw two feet ahead. I called Nicki and Michelle, letting them know I was on my way. Shockingly, Nicki says "we never even loaded the car..." I thought, well, I am on my own, I may as well drive down and pick up my packet (because I wanted the T-shirt!)

Approx. 7:30 am: As I was walking toward the Exit door, with all intent to drive home right then, GingerClip and her sister walk in! I say, "I am not riding today, but I'll wait with you while you pick up your packets."

7:45 am: GingerClip, Penutty and I decide to wait it out a bit since we are energized now because we got cool shirts this year, small brownie cliffbars, fresh plums and I was able to snag TWO water bottles.

7:55 am: While sitting in GingerClip's car the rain stops... YAY

8:15 am: The ride begins.

9:45 am: The rain starts again, pouring down --- again, my thoughts are "i'll SAG out now" I am soaked, my socks, my clothes, my sunglasses --- I can't see!

10 ish am: We are at the second reststop and GingerClip and her sister and I discuss going the shorter route now because we are soaked and chilly.

10:30 am: rain stops! YAY

Through the end of the ride, the weather was PERFECT for riding so we decided to ride out our original plan and we finished the 50 mile route (I clocked 52 miles).

God Bless Ya'll,

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