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Soggy Trails to You...

I was down in Houston again, to ride in back-to-back rallies with Marc. However we decided to forgo the Saturday rally and just go for spin on the trail that he usually rides on. It was a good decision b/c we soon realized that the 7 am start time for the rally was 1/2 hour before sunrise. hmmm....interesting choice by the ride coordinator.

Anyway, we headed off to the George Bush Trail. About 4 miles down the trail we came to a portion where the trail was completed covered with dead branches and other rotten wood that had been washed up during a flood. It made this fabulous popping sound as you rode over it.

Then the trail started getting narrower and narrower as it was encroached on by the flood water. Being the brave (or foolish, take your pick) souls that we are, we pressed on. It wasn't too bad. We could see the dry spot up ahead as well as other riders that had ridden through the water. We got through without even getting my feet wet.

And then we reached another underwater section. This time my shoes got water in them from the splash of the tires. No big deal, right? So we pressed on. It became a mission, an adventure. By the time we got to the third underwater section, the water came up past my knees. That's past my knees while riding, not while standing. I think there were places where the water came up to the bottom of my seat. We were soaked through and through. It was hilarious.

After we got through all the water we had a great ride. Plus I got the pleasure of watching all of Marc's Chamois Butt'R oop out through the back of his wet short. Uh huh. That's right. Sexy. Oh and on the way back we saw huge leeches swimming in the water that we were getting ready to ride back through. Scary. About 10 miles later Marc had a irritation in his shorts and we had to do a quick leech check. Eeeeewwww. Luckily no leeches were discovered.

There was a price to pay for our water adventure, though. My bike had a ton of water drain out of it, both bikes has to have bathes and lube jobs, and as I type this, Marc is taking his tires off b/c both wheels have water in them. Oh - did I mention that this was all done on our road bikes. And Marc's is only a week old.