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Team Potter Weight Loss Challenge Week 1

It's actually been 10 days since we started, but Penutty and I decided to make Friday mornings the official weigh in day. So our Week 1 / 10 day loss is....drumroll please...

Penutty_________5.0 pounds lost
GingerClip_______4.5 pounds lost

Penutty is following the Weight Watchers points system and I am counting calories. We are both working out regularly. As for me, 1/2 hour of Carribean Workout or In Shape With Sharon Mann from the Tivo, push-ups, and my AbSlide (oh yeah! Informercial purchase from 1998) every morning. Plus I am trying to ride my trainer in the evenings. Can I say how much I hate getting up while it is still dark to go do aerobics in the living room. Blech! But then I also hate getting on the trainer at night. Penutty has been better about getting on the trainer, I think. But then, I think I have been more consistent in overall workouts. I'd have to doublecheck with her to be sure about that though.

I think we both deserve kudos b/c so far neither one of us has cheated on our diets. Not once! Go us!!

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BaadKitty said...

way to go girls, keep up the good work