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Expanding Horizons

I know what you have been thinking about Team Potter - it's a one trick team. But that is just not the case. While biking may have us in the grips of an obsession, we do have other interests too. I traveled to Peoria yesterday for the Team Potter Winter Meeting, sponsered by the Illinois Division. Since Capt. Bob and Baad Kitty are still in Iowa until Saturday, and Maximus was off to Chicago for a basketball game, Penutty and I went out on our own to have a little fun. We headed off to Bloomington to the Upper Limits Rock Climbing Gym. It was awesome. It's located in an old grain silo, so there are a ton of different routes that will take you 65 feet up!

This was my first attempt at rock climbing and Penutty's second, so we took a class and then stuck with the easier climbs. I don't know what it would possibly be used for other than climbing, but let me just tell you that if you need a figure eight knot tied, I am your girl! I've got that baby down. Now the rest of the process, I don't know...

I've got a lot of weight to carry up a wall, and biking certainly hasn't done anything for my upper-body strength (ah, how I miss the days when I played lacrosse and had the most amazing arms...) so I was prepared to go nowhere fast. Actually, I think we did quite well. Penutty hit the top of two different climbs and I got really close a couple of times. We quit after two hours of climbing so that we wouldn't be too sore the next day. Even so, picking up a fork hurts a little.

I will definitely try to find a place in Dallas where I can try this again, especially since it seems like it would be a good upper body counterbalance to the lower body intensive cycling. Who knows, maybe after the holidays I'll even manage to lose enough weight that it won't seem like I'm carrying an extra person up the wall.

Thanks, Penutty, for explanding Team Potter's horizons. Now...climb on!!

If you want to check out Upper Limits, visit the website


Tour De Lights

ON December 9, 2006 , Nine brave souls headed out from Mr. Beans in Marion, Ia for the 11th annual Tour De Lights. The crew was led by none other the Capt Bob and the Baad Kitty. We did not have Rudolph to guide our way but we had Hokey Spokes in front and back, to help us find our way. We stopped by several houses and sang Christmas carols, we found all the greatest Christmas lights in town. The tour took us out to Hunters Ridge and back, approx 15 miles total. We finished back at Mr Beans for dinner, drinks and Cheer. We had a great time, and are looking forward to the 12th annual Tour De Lights. Come join us next time.


Upcoming Holidays

Team Potter will be joining the Illinois Division for the holidays. Will we manage to brave the snow? There are serious doubts that I have the chops to cut it in the winter since I think anything below 60 is cold. Plus I don't have anything warmer than leggings and a windbreaker. You just don't need anything more in Dallas. Since we will all be together there is sure to be lots of laughs and lots of wine, but it just won't be the same without lots of riding too. Maybe I'll just have to suck it up and go for a short ride to say we did it. Bring on the snow and RIDE ON!!!