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Team Potter after nearly a year.

Just a quick review of Team Potters, increase in members and the website. It has been a really fun year for team potter,it started as two and has grown to five members. We have had quite a few rides togethers, which is impressive since we are in three different states. We have had several fun days and rides in Iowa, which four members present, Baad Kitty and Penutty have ridden in Illinois and then we all went to Dallas for the Denton Power Rally in Denton TX. We have had a lot of fun. Both the Capt and Baad Kitty are happy to have to the added members and memories of our rides together. We enjoy our group(team potter)rides. Thank you Gingerclip and Penutty and I know we will get Maximus for a few rides next year. Stay tuned everyone for more Team Potter fun!!

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GingerClip said...

Let's make 2007 as fabulous as 2006!!!